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2018 Welcome to Bluegrass Daylily Gardens…

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We welcome back our loyal customers and if you are new, we hope you enjoy the site, as well.  We are blessed with good friends, family and health and are excited to meet you in our gardens and to enjoy the beauty of the many plants, together.  Again, please enjoy the site, visit often and come see us during Bloom Fest or schedule a personal visit, at another time.

If you have not had a chance to visit, please do so this year, during our BLOOM FEST. This is a good time to take freshly dug daylilies home with you. Bring a friend and share!

Bluegrass Daylily Gardens grows nearly 600+ tried and true oldies-but-goodies and newer cutting edge daylilies by well-known hybridizers, adding more, each year. We sell double fans and try to be as generous as we can and include more, where possible. Some varieties, especially the newer ones, are in limited supply, but we try to make them available, as well.

Chuck and Jenny

History: Located in the Bluegrass Region of Kentucky near Shelbyville. We are a family owned business that got started, like most, with the need to divide plants and the desire to acquire more and fund our new addiction. Our first purchase was a clump Raspberry Pixie from a dear friend, Linda Casey. Jenny wanted flowers and color, I wanted foliage and ground cover. We paid $40 and divided them to one and two fans, then prayed that our expensive investment would not die.

Needless to say, they did great and we soon found ourselves searching everywhere for more color and bigger blooms. Each year our tastes changed from pinks to reds to purples and oranges. Doubles and spiders started popping up too.

Bigger beds were made and old ones expanded. Finally, we had what was the start of a nice garden that family and friends enjoyed as much as we did. The next step was to put out a sign and open the gardens for “business”.

We are a licensed, state inspected garden, free of disease and daylily rust. Plants are healthy and true to name. We offer quick and easy payment through Paypal, if you would like to use a credit card. Of course, checks and money orders are also accepted.

If you would like to visit us while in Kentucky, please contact us a head of time. We would not want to miss you. We would be happy to dig your daylilies while you are here, weather permitting.

God Bless,

Chuck and Jenny Williams

site started August 9, 2004 
We Love Daylilies!!