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Shipping & Ordering Information

Thank you for choosing our plants for your garden. If you do not find what you want, please contact us because will are adding varieties yearly.

ORDERING: If paying by check or money order, please make payable to: Chuck Williams. If you like to send an email or call to confirm availability, it would be beneficial and appreciated. We answer all emails. You may order by email or phone. For your convenience, we also accept payment through Paypal, by way of electronic transfer or credit card. Please see the Paypal icon. Payment is due in full before shipping, unless otherwise agreed upon. Minimum Order is $25. Add 6% sales tax if in Kentucky

GUARANTEE: Our garden is state inspected. Our plants are field grown and are shipped healthy without rust. All divisions are double fans or better. If a variety is limited and only a single fan is available, you will be contacted first.  Plants will vary in size due to the unique growing habits of each variety.   If for any reason you are dissatisfied upon receiving your plants, DO NOT PLANT. Contact us immediately and return them for full credit.

SUBSTITUTIONS: Please order early, as some varieties are limited in supply. We will not substitute any plant, out of stock, without your permission. An alternative list must accompany your order; otherwise, a refund will be made. For faster service please include a phone number and/or email address you can be reached at.

SHIPPING: In the Spring, we want to make sure our plants are growing strong, before shipping. This is usually around early to mid May. Shipping will continue through Mid September and as the weather permits. We will not ship during extreme heat or rain.

We use United States Postal Service Priority Mail. Please include $12 plus $0.50/plant after 3 plants. Normal shipping days: Mondays and Tuesdays. If you desire an alternative shipping time, please contact us so we can arrange for your needs.

ORDER FORM: Click here.