The Gardens are currently closed due to COVID-19. We are however, planning to re-open June 1, 2020 to begin shipping and allowing pickup of bulbs. We have a porch pick-up area and will allow pick-up at scheduled times to minimize customer -customer contact.

Beginning June 19- we will re-open the gardens to visitors as the flowers begin to bloom. If anyone attended BLOOMFEST last year, you know we weren’t at our best as new owners. This year, we will provide a private one hour slot by appt only to visitors M-Sunday. You will be given a sanitized golf cart, clipboard and a map of the gardens for easier location of your favorites to see them in their color array and bloom cycle. You can either A) wait for your plants to be dug and take them home or B) pick them up the next day already organized in a tub for your convenience.

We look forward to sharing our flowers. For anyone just wanting to see the flowers, we also will share them for tranquility as well. Seniors welcome in private sessions early morning or late evenings.